Strawberry One-Act Festival: The Series, Broadway Star!

The Strawberry One-Act Festival: The Series - Broadway StarI
Each Episode is $9.99.

Episode 1:  To View On Demand  go to
  • BATTLE LINES by Steven Meeker, Jr.
    Directed by Evan Moore-Coll
    Featuring: Laren Kent & Samantha Prentice
  • THE WAITING ROOM by Jack Pepper
    Directed by Jack Pepper
    Featuring: Marianne Chase & Ryan Caisley
  • LITTLE INVISIBLE BACKPACKS by Magdalena Cychowski
    Directed by Maglalena Cychowski
    Featuring: John Dimino, Connor Gressitt, Jennifer Parkhill
  • BANGING ON THE KEYBOARD by Crystal Cabrae
    Directed by Ryan Adams
    Featuring: D’Angelo Adams, Cory Boodoo, Josh Brooks, Angelica Cabrera, RJ Isquerdo, Hunter Hathcock

Episode 2:  To View On Demand go to
  • THE LATE GORDON KAPLAN by Robin Anne Joseph
    Directed by Robin Anne Joseph
    Featuring: Bruce Apar, Karen McFarlane, Aisling Mulhern
  • A PLAY ON WORDS by Albert Repicci
    Directed by Ramona Floyd
    Featuring: Michael Piper-Younie, Stephanie Weppler
  • ON BECOMING A MARINE By Betsy Newberry
    Directed by Anne Connolly
    Featuring: Betsy Newberry
  • TYPE CAST by Adam Delia
    Directed by Adam Delia
    Featuring: Jess Carillo and Lenny Thomas

Episode 3:  To View On Demand go to
  • THE UNSPOKEN 200 by Ehinomen Okojie
    Directed by Jonathan Downey
    Featuring: Devin Kessler and Ehinomen Okojie
  • TELL ME YOUR CRAZY by Jason Kurtz
    Directed by Brett Douglas
    Featuring: Alexandra Berenbaum and Jesse Pimentel
  • FATE FILES by Dennis S. Gribben
    Directed by A.J. Ciccotelli
    Featuring: Kevin Gabel, Meghan McPeek, Ankit Sharma
  • EXTRA ORDINARY by Melissa Myers
    Directed by Melissa Myers
    Victoria Budden and Ethan Coniglio

Episode 4:  To View On Demand go to
  • WIZARD by Gloria Craig
    Directed by Gloria Craig
    Featuring: Robert Eigen and Claire Alexander
  • OFF WITH THE HEAD by Xavier Damon
    Directed by Melissa Maney
    Featuring: Jesse Meckl, Adam Fisher, Mitch Hoover, Tomas Correa, Paris Pryor, Evelyn Rivera-Cardenas
  • TREFFPUNKT by Natalie Lifson
    Directed by Eric Grayson
    Featuring: Gregory Cioffi, Sara Parcesepe, John Leinung, Maxim Swinton, Inna Swinton, Jon McHatton, Jeremy Lister, Jaime Arciniegas
  • SELF YELP by Emily Thomas & Helene Ellford
    Directed by Doug Widick
    Featuring: Emily Thomas and Helene Ellford

Episode 5:  To View On Demand go to
  • THE WIGGLE ROOM by George D. Morgan
    Directed by Johnny Culver
    Featuring: Tom Meade, Tom Morwick, John Zion, Mike Miller, Max Weingart
  • VAGINA RIGHTS by Shaneisha Dodson
    Directed by Shaneisha Dodson
    Featuring: Priya Bhandari, Billie Wyatt, Laura Walter, Maria Soledad
  • BISCUITS by Sacha Elie
    Directed by Evelina Stampa
    Featuring: Sacha Elie
  • DOUBLE JOY by Joseph Lizardi
    Directed by Joseph Lizardi
    Featuring: Erika Dianovsky and Joseph Lizardi

Episode 6:  To View On Demand go to
  • ROUSING THE HEAD by Melissa Ross
    Directed by Mark Poland
    Featuring: Melissa Gibbs-Poland and Travis Ratts
  • SICK AND TIRED by Diane L. Parker
    Directed by Nicholas Orvis
    Featuring: Diane L. Parker
    Directed by Lucy Blood
    Featuring: Brian Nickerson, John Safina, Kate Gilbert, Deborah H. Lane
  • CHEESECAKE by Nadia Asencio
    Directed by Nadia Asencio
    Featuring: Amilcar Javier, Rick Calvo, Alaska Caleo, Malinda Logan

Episode 7:  To View On Demand go to
  • THE PRIVATE ROOM by Dan Haughey
    Directed by Laurence C. Schwartz
    Featuring: Gilberto Arribas, Amanda Ortega, Liz Meinders
  • KETCHUP OR MUSTARD by Lior Almagor
    Directed by Lior Almigor
    Featuring: Kelsey Lea Jones and Galia Barkol
  • THIS WAY OUT by Annie Rosenberg
    Directed by David Kahawaii IV
    Featuring: Miles Gutierrez-Riley
  • THE TALE OF SAN MERAUX by Robert Briksza
    Directed by Robert J. Briksza
    Featuring: Will Healy, Sarah Chybrzynski, Robert J. Briksza, Aimee Kaplan, Stephen Windurn, Jarielle Quinones

Episode 8:  To View On Demand go to
  • TALKABOUT by George Coates
    Directed by George Coates
    Featuring: Sam Gibbons, Georgie Halford, Dan Thorn, Verity Williams
  • TRAIL MIX by Patrick Sherrard
    Directed by Patrick Sherrard
    Featuring: Laura Sweeney and Michael Mingoia
  • A NIGHT AT STONEWALL by Anthony Fusco (For Mature Audiences)
    Directed by Anna Governali
    Featuring: Jason Michael, Matthew Dwight Lincoln, Nick Castellano, Justin Younts

Episode 9:  To View On Demand go to

The 12 plays that make it to the FINALS work with our 3 coaches: Patricia Floyd, Rebecca Larkin and Elizabeth Van Dyke.

Episode 10:  To View On Demand go to

The Judges deliberate and discuss each of the Finalist.
Episode 11:  To View On Demand go to
The Awards Ceremony for the Strawberry One-Act Festival.  The winners will be announced in all categories.
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